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The only thing that will save the world is collaboration.

Bertrand Russell.

Why DUONIKA? In the beginning the exercises for two persons were designed and after that I described and systematized the theory. The name comes from the fact that the main ritual for awakening the „Spirit“ of collaboration is for two persons – i.e. they form a duo. After that I chose a contemporary suffix and thus originated DUONIKA. I assumed the method for work in pairs because we, the people, are always in a state of influence or interaction with something else. Consequently, our skills to collaborate, built imperceptibly and pleasantly in the course of exercise, may be successfully applied to any other life situation. Why do I say the system is „winning“? I accept as reasonable and wise such human conduct, which helps to utilize all the possibilities to avoid the senseless sufferings and misfortunes and thus produce a life of happiness. Consequently, to recede from anguish and chaos in ones own life and get closer to felicity, bliss, cognition and contentment is a winning behaviour. To broaden the extent of ones own comfort and achieve happiness as ones internal condition is a winning behaviour. This does not mean achieving single success. DUONIKA is a complete approach, which produces excellent results on every contact with the reality. By applying the WSL we obtain gains in the following spheres: · Body and psychics – we deal with stress and achieve the condition of peaceful joy of life, health, optimism and harmony – swiftly and pleasingly advance in self-knowledge, free our mind from the inherited myths and delusions and easily take the path of efficient self-refinement. · Relations with people – more sustainable contacts, we learn to find, develop or establish various collaboration zones, consolidate old valuable friendships and make new, better ones, enhance the flow of love and mutual understanding. · Profession and hobbies – Achieve all possible success in the chosen sphere. · The application of the WSL unavoidably leads to better personal organization, taking the whole responsibility for ones own life, gaining time, information, life experience, good and welcome friends, marvelous amusements, amazing chances and lots of money. Why „Spirit“ of collaboration? Because it is invisible and subtle, but it expresses itself in the results of activity. When you notice beauty, happiness, harmony, love around you, then you should know that the Spirit of collaboration is silently present there. Therefore, if we do awaken this Spirit in ourselves, the powers of creativeness will stream into us and thus we will succeed in all our virtuous endeavors. Our thoughts and deeds will become expedient. The awakened Spirit of collaboration implies a mental disposition to acceptance and not rejection. This also suggests zeal to find the way how something could be accomplished and not the reasons that same thing cannot be done. And last, but not the least, it means impulse to union, co-work, but not to confrontation and separation. When man is filled up with the Spirit of collaboration he commences to constructively change his attitude to the world, people and ones own self. His thoughts and deeds set forth to the right direction and he begins to buzz off the destructive impulses and actions. The psychical collaboration disposition leads to creativeness and construction, to unity, progress and florescence. The Spirit of collaboration gathers the divegencies and makes them create something new, better and more beautiful. For example, to have a healthful way of life it is necessary to collaborate with Nature. And what else are friendship and love, if not a miraculous demonstration of collaboration? Duonika is a powerful and complete system, which awakens the creative spirit in man and gives it a way to express itself. The world affects us by various means. We are not capable of anticipating most of the effects, and less, to stop or avoid some of them. The only thing we can do is to react, to reply to what is happening in a certain way, preferably, the proper one with respect to our aims and survival. The world, facing us, is exactly what it is. We cannot order it to change and become different, more suitable for us. In this sense, the world is a constant element at the moment of our meeting and we are the ones that should change. „We should“, because very often we don’t understand that and irrationally „harden“. This reminds us of the story: „If the egg drops on the stone – too bad for the egg! If the stone drops on the egg – too bad for the egg!“. Consequently, thanks to our knowledge and disposition to collaboration we acquire the ability to flexibly and precisely react in order to survive and prosper in a world, which is exactly what it is, and does not care at all for our negative emotions and disagreements. The world continues to affect us by various powers and we are the ones who can find the regularities in their action, as well as the possibilities to balance and use them. Nature attacks with wind, but man inspired by collaboration invents the sail and the windmill and turns wind, which up to that moment had only played havoc, into a partner. Ocean waves raise without taking care of whether we like that or not. But man with creative disposition invents the surfboard and turns the awful waves into a pleasure-giving natural phenomenon. Cliff stays undisturbed and indifferent, but man, with awoken collaboration spirit, starts to climb it using every pit and ledge, more often even without any equipment. Wherever we turn, we will see the manifestations of the creative power. It transforms chaos into order and beauty. It collects and holds together the atoms into molecules and from molecules builds whatever it likes, and even human beings.


As the main principle of the system concerns collaboration and not struggle, and the word strategy, even used figuratively, has a notion of military activities, defeating the enemy, etc., I decided that it would be reasonable to coin a new relevant concept. Stratema means art and science, complex of conceptions and principles for successful living, ability to perform creative acts with the purpose to increase the quality of living. It is quite possible our own living to turn into a kind of art, because there is a creative act present. We are in the capacity to create and mold our own life. And the creative act by itself brings delight and satisfaction. And thus DUONIKA – the winning stratema of living is systematized in the following way: · Theory: main conception and eight basic principles · Practice: exercises with a partner and/or application of the principles · Awakening and development of the spirit of collaboration · Guaranteed success and gain in: – Self-knowledge, self-perfection and spiritual development – Recovery and protection of the body – Any desired profession, creation, making money – Relations with people, love As a result: prosperous and happy life here and now!


It is an original system of logically stated psychological and philosophical principles, selected and oriented to lead to achievement of a more successful, more prosperous and happier life, here and now. Composed of two main parts – theoretical and practical. In the theoretical part the basic sources of the human drama are discussed. The themes of election (predestination), destiny, karma, inferiority complex, goal of life, the damages of the mass culture – the more dangerous delusions, dogmas and prejudices, the main conception and eight powerful principles for advantageous living. The practical part contains intellectual and physical exercises that are practiced with a partner. According to the main principle of DUONIKA the world and everything in it is made from the play of three essences – energy, information and creativeness. Just for convenience we use a fourth concept – matter. Man is a material focus of energy, information and creativeness. Typical for the creative power is that it makes from the available – what is possible. It organizes the energy, following certain information, into atoms, molecules, cells and organisms. It collects, forms, calls into being, creates. At the level of a human being the creative power is represented as collaboration, creativeness and love. Consequently, when we cooperate with someone, create or love, we give thorough expression of the creative power in our life. World is woven of varied things. Some of them are different from others to the extent of opposition, but this does not mean contradiction. World is a unity and collaboration of divergencies and not struggle of opposites! We, as we are, represent a result of the cooperation of the organs in our organisms, and the organs themselves demonstrate the collaboration of a vast number of cells. If no such cooperation existed we simply would not exist. DUONIKA is interested only in what unites people for mutual happiness and advantage, but not in what separates them. Everyone knows by experience that in his relations with other people there are areas, where communication goes smoothly and leaves a feeling of content and joy in both persons.. These areas are called collaboration zones (CZ). In them, you and your partner, feel best and most comfortable. Relation of any kind, when you simultaneously give and receive, experience positive emotions, feel stimulated or serene, you progress and are in good mood, etc., is achieved only in the collaboration zones. They may increase in number and also change its quality in one and the same contact between two persons. This is so, because everything is dynamic and changes are possible at any time. The goal is, however, to concentrate the attention only and exclusively on the CZ. In them, and only there, the most perfect relationship between both people and man and world is established. Thanks to the correct approach and mental disposition everyone will find the CZ, which is always possible even for absolute antipodes. Only by this means balance and harmony will be achieved in this dynamic world. Thus the most winning stratema of living is established and man, not only will survive easily, but will be happy and prosperous as well. We have to start changing and improving our life from somewhere. DUONIKA is a good and exquisite beginning.


I don’t say why is better, but by what is different. Everyone will estimate if it is good for him. This is the point! DUONIKA employs the understanding, intellect, conscience and body. Maybe we shall also work at Alfa level, but for sure we shall work at Beta level as we shall consciously seek the condition of total awakening. Alfa level, as some of you already know, is that brain fluctuation that is on the borderline between waking and sleeping state. The WSL works in the direction to total awakening, but we also use Alfa level, because the achieved waking state spreads in all directions. In this sense the WSL differs from the „SILVA“ method and other systems that operate in Alfa level, but in no way opposes to them. I, myself, am a keen disciple of the „SILVA“ method and regularly apply it. It helped me a lot and I recommend it to you too. Yet, now we are discussing something more different – a way for maximal awakening and holding personal responsibility. For that reason I very often mention that DUONIKA is a technique for awakening the spirit of collaboration. We shall employ relaxation and meditation too. During that time we shall take rest of the thinking and reduce the impulses to the brain, coming from the tensioned before that muscles. After the meditation the brain will possess more of its capacity to think properly and creatively. Thus we shall see and realize the broad domain: from the lack of thoughts, deep relaxation, near to sleep state to the total awakening of the mind, intellect and conscience. And something more – you will learn to let love in your life and enjoy it. If you program yourselves successfully in Alfa level, you will change the harmful habits and bring into the sub-conscience new and useful information structures. Sometimes we shall apply this method, but the same effect may be achieved if you COGNIZE. This means if you well understand and after that realize the truth or the necessary information. The simple act of understanding and cognizance will immediately change you. Consequently, we have two ways to achieve one and the same goal – the „SILVA“ method and DUONIKA. With the first one we make the constructive changes in and with ourselves through Alfa level, while the second one employs the highest level of awakening. Nothing can prevent you from trying both methods as I did it myself. Nevertheless, I would recommend you to start with DUONIKA. After that I can guarantee fast and effective entering and use of the „SILVA“ method. In both methods one and the same question exists with slight differences. For the „SILVA“ method the most frequently asked question is: „How should I know I have reached Alfa level and that my programming has been successful?“ With DUONIKA the question is: „How should I know that I have realized the truth, which will transform me and work for me?“ Both questions have similar answers: For the first one the answer is: Meditate regularly and more and more easily you will reach Alfa level, and when the changes start to come in your life you will understand that your programming has been successful. You have to await them. Till then just meditate. The answer of the second question is: Strive to continuously understand and realize and when you notice the constructive changes in yourself, your behaviour and way of thinking and feeling, then you have achieved the level of awakening and have escaped from the gravitational attraction of the magic reality, which has governed you up to now. Here come some examples. If you touch a hot stove and get burned you will immediately understand that you should not touch it with bare hand. If you understand and recognize that, then in the future you will never touch hot stove. It won’t be necessary to program yourself in Alfa level. If you realize that you smoke by habit, if you only comprehend that you are ruled by an old boring habit, you will be easily and naturally give up smoking. You have awakened and are no more in the power of this habit. Just then you can understand why you began smoking. Maybe in this way you have irrationally satisfied some necessity of yours. You will realize this necessity and find more appropriate means to satisfy it. If you recognize you habit to get angry you will easily and naturally stop doing it, without effort or suppression. When you understand and realize that you can use information whenever you want to, because it is abundantly present around us, then you will start getting the information you need whenever you want it. It will simply emerge in your mind and sound, image, thought or feeling, or in the worst case, you will find a book or person and they will provide it. When you recognize your uniqueness, preciousness, talent, potential, then naturally in your life will appear all the proofs to these facts. When you realize you are a phenomenon, a genius, you will start to express yourself as such! The „SILVA“ method has an advantage that it is suitable also for children, but yet DUONIKA is only applicable to mature people, who can bear the responsibility for themselves and for their awakening. The wakened man is beyond the power of the dreamy, magic reality. He can no more suffer and fear the phantoms, because he has mastered the skill to get in and out of the drama, the legend the enchanted world. DUONIKA applies as methods the observation, understanding, cognizance, experiencing, creating. In fact these are the stages of one and the same thing. The topic is about the free will. Till we don’t awaken, we cannot talk about free will. We are something like bio-robots in a semi-somnolent state and act as programmed – if we are amused, we smile, if we are insulted we become sad, get angry and suffer, if something is done to us we react in an exactly definite way. No freedom of choice, no freedom of will. Do we have free will in our dream? No! Well, the bad news is that in life we are in the same position. But, the good news is that we can wake up. You are face in face with a system that emerges in your nightmare with the proposal to take you out of it. Do you want to wake up? Or maybe you are tired and want to sleep some more time? Do you want to see the true reality where you are gods or prefer the enchanted world of the irrational events, dramas, confrontations, struggles, horrors, etc.? Do you want? Do you have at least a little free will to require and make it? DUONIKA is mastered through conversations, logic, use of intellect, feelings, understanding, cognition, experience, collaboration. DUONIKA is a system that can help you achieve one of the only two important abilities in this world: 1. To derive the best for you from he situation – what it may be at the moment of meeting with it – and to make the best from the available, with regard to your goals. 2. To find or produce situations which serve you best or to order such a reality, where you would feel best. The masters of the first type are the daoists and tantrists. The masters of the second type are the sorcerers. The first endowment helps you „swim“ in the reality – what it may be – and enjoy your abilities. The second endowment helps you order the lake, where you would like to swim with pleasure. Finally, both endowments lead to one and the same – qualitative, pleasing and enjoyable living here and now. Some authors cal this „entering the flow“. If you possess the first of these two capacities, then what would embarrass you? Would it matter what happens? Whatever the dynamic and changing life delivers you, you will be able to do the best and everything will be welcomed for you, because you are the alchemist, who will reproduce the reality. If you have mastered the second capacity, again it does not matter what live presents you, because you will immediately order what you like and it will come directly from the Universal room-service. Well, DUONIKA is a system that shows you the way to these two capacities – the only two, you need to feel good in this world.



     It says that everything which happens is cause-effect related and predetermined – the way of the planets around the stars, earthquakes, migration of great and small masses of people around the world, births and deaths, the trajectories of the falling autumn leaves and the forms of the cigarette smoke from a taken by random cigarette. The all-existing always changes and transforms. Atoms, molecules, plasma, rays, vibrations, light, elementary particles, information, energies, matter and creative power constantly interact in definite ways that are studied by the various sciences and give birth to new forms and events. Everything happens such, what it actually is, because all the prerequisites to happen exactly it are at hand. The creative power shapes from the available – the possible and continues without end. The thread of the occurring events spreads back and forth in time and space of the endless and eternal Universe. But together with everything else, man also takes part in the game with his dreams, intellect, wishes, will, actions. It is visible that in the sum of all factors, which form the present and the future, there are ones that are absolutely under our control. Hence, if we start to act in our zone of influence, in „our own garden“ by changing our way of thinking, discard old and incorrect information schemes and habits, we will enhance our partaking as a factor, which predetermines the future events. If we constantly claim that someone else predestines our fortune, then we put ourselves into dependence on powers and factors outside us. Then, there is nothing else left for us than to fear and make ridiculous attempts to propitiate these powers. To declare that everything is just absolute chaos also does not make sense as we let ourselves on the flow of the blind powers and again await, with lost hearts, for what is coming to happen. Therefore, the only reasonable conclusion is that we can make something, which in the power of the GCEL will bring to desired by us consequences. Here is what we gain from the cognizance of this principle: · Better understanding of the past. What has happened was the only possible to happen due to the available prerequisites. The world has progressed following its own laws and through the interaction of countless phenomena today has happened just this. · Power over the future. If we want something definite to happen, then we should set those prerequisites that will bring to it. · Understanding of the present. At this stage we are exactly what we are and in our past stay all the prerequisites to be so. We bear with us a heritage of information schemes that has predetermined our reaction up to now. · We can make this principle work exclusively for us by using our mind, imagination and capacity to handle information and thus turn our knowledge into a determinant, which will predestine absolutely the future that would most appeal to us.


     If we follow a spectacular event in a reverse order, as for example the construction of the Eiffel tower or flying into space, we shall come to that start point from where everything commenced. It originated in the mind as an idea. After that followed more and more ideas, concepts and pictures. Then came the question: „How actually I can make all that?“ and the whole way was followed in the mind. The direction got clear and man made the first step. And thus he proceeded every day until the achievement of the goal. In our mind we can make into pieces every huge building of some our dream to that small bricks, which we can move and arrange just today. If this also proves difficult, then we could make the things even smaller, so small that we can manage with them at this moment. After that, every day, with patience and constancy we shall perform one more small action and after that one more, till finally we achieve what we want. In this way begins the „pulling“ of the Silver Thread. In other words LST means: The Principle of the Patient Sequence of Proper Actions. All these four components – patience, sequence, proper and activity are interrelated and has to be present during all our way to the goal. In our mind stays the end of that Silver Thread, which may help „pull“ towards us the health, joy, happiness and wealth!


     Practicing understanding is one of the main techniques, which helps us to succeed. Through it we comprehend everything that happens around us. Everything has its cause and logic and may be explained and understood. To practice understanding means easily, without emotional qualifications and judging, to find and follow the reasons for a particular event or human behaviour. The world is just what it is and has all the prerequisites to be like this, because if it could be different, then it would be. Everything happens in the only possible way and its realization is the best proof for that. The people are part of this world and are also just what they are and cannot be something else at the moment of our meeting, no matter how we don’t like it. The principle of Understanding helps us apprehend  why a particular person behaves in the way he does. When we learn to detect what is hidden behind his behaviour, then we would very easily find the most appropriate, for that particular case, actions and words for that person. Understanding is an active and intelligent way to protect ourselves and best solve our problems. It helps us control our temper, shrewdly and realistically assess the situation (the person in front of us) and behave in the most winning way. Understanding is closest to humans’ reasoning capacity and is simple to master. For that reason, before we start loving our fellowman, let’s first just try to understand him. And much better is to start with understanding and acceptance of ourselves. What do we gain from the LU? We keep our energy, health and emotional balance. Recognize yet better the mechanisms determining human behaviour and according to which things happen. Experience pleasure in the process of understanding, a feeling known to everyone, who has fulfilled his thirst for knowledge. Develop our imagination, fantasy and creative thinking. Start to accept people’s behaviour and what they say as signals for their emotional state and not as bad attitude towards us. Broaden our conscience and from bio-robots we are transformed into more and more consciously acting humans. We are capable to find quickly the collaboration zones with the person in front of us or with the world at the particular moment. We turn into clear-sighted and wise people and psychotherapists for our relatives and friends. We open the path to love.


     Information is one of the four Universe essences and exactly it is for us the key to matter, energy and creative power. We, the people, are by now the only creatures who can proficiently manage information. The main characteristic of our thinking is that when knowledge reaches a particular level in our conscience, it turns into an additional factor, and very often into determinant. Thanks to this we can reduce to null the negative impact on us of a certain event or to make it work in our favour. LIS says that every sufficient information on a given problem may be used by the thinking person to solve that problem or as additional factor to produce future events in the course of his objectives and wishes. With the help of the LIS we can surpass the restrictions that existed for us in the time, when we were in a state of ignorance. Barbara De Angelis in her book „Are you the one for me“ definitely states that when man is conscious for the myths about love or for his psychic traumas from the childhood, he can manage the consequences in his present relations with people and improve a lot the quality of his communications. This is possible due to the LIS. That principle can transform every person from an irresponsible and instinctively acting marionette into a responsible creator of one’s own future by increasing the action of the additional factor – his knowing mind. Or in other words, „The fools is no more a fool when he realizes that“. The moment we realize our powers and abilities they multiply.This is again a result of the LIS. It helps overcome all the restrictions that were set upon us by the genetic heritage, family and social environment, ignorance and prejudices. As a consequence from the LIS comes our ability to elicit principles and regularities from the manifestations of the world around us to the time, when we reach that information sufficiency, beyond which we can change the things as we like to.


Almost everyone in his life had time, when good events exceeded his expectations. Let us then ask ourselves: Why were our preliminary beliefs so humble? Why didn’t we dare to await the best and life pleasantly surprised us? In that case life was merciful and generous, but the question is why we were not generous for ourselves. Why very often absolutely merciless we imagine horrors that we await to happen in the future? Or in the best case de do not dare to imagine how many pleasant things await us. Here we again find the presence of the inferiority complex. It is difficult for a person, who has no confidence in himself, who has been systematically violated with the assertions that he is imperfect and does not deserve happiness, love, money, to display positive thinking! The basis, the deep internal persuasion is contrary to the course of the positive thinking and expectation. Believing he is a lame duck, a wretch, a general fellow he would expect events that confirm just this idea. Consequently, first we should realize the surreptitiously acting inferiority complex and after that to acknowledge it is an artificial formation in our mind, and then start to think in the following way: „I want my life to be nice and prosperous, because I deserve it by virtue, because I am valuable by myself, I was born thinking and acting person, who has beautiful dreams and performs creative acts. I shall do everything necessary to accomplish my dreams as I am certain this will happen in the best possible way!“ Thus, the first task is to clearly understand that we are valuable creatures, unique, exclusive and deserving welfare, well-being and wealth! The LPT will help us see accomplished that, what we want to happen with us and in our life, and to know that exactly it will come. This is the only way to achieve anything. Expect only pleasant and interesting things from the contacts with people and your life as a whole! Imagine you have cleaned yourselves from all fears and embarrassments. This means you have thrown out all „Trojan horses“ from your soul. You have been transformed into a golden sphere that sends its overwhelming effulgence to every side. Everyone, who approaches you will automatically get the missing love and become balanced and harmonious like you. The ability to radiate in all directions is only yours and does not depend on anyone else! So, if you want to do something refined for this world, first change yourself. The positive thinking is a step towards this and mastering it is possible through everyday work in „you own garden“.


     When there is no conformity between „want“ and „have to“ we tend to show will in order to overcome our reluctance at the moment and perform what is necessary. If we support the concept that wife is a struggle, then we shall conduct exactly in that way. But, there is another one – more pleasant and mild. If we can stimulate ourselves to do something, then the courses of „want“ and „have to“ go together and the necessity to apply will vanishes. Disappears also the extreme effort. Things happen easily and pleasingly. Self-stimulation is an intellectual process and depends only on us. The LDG helps us make an effective and practical step to mastering the self-stimulation. When we understand that we can attain at least double gain out of everything we deal with, then we automatically become more motivated and it won’t be necessary to use will or extreme efforts to force ourselves do it. With much more engagement we shall obtain new knowledge or problem solutions, when we are convinced that such activity will bring us at leas double gain. In fact the profits are three: 1. By a particular occupation we satisfy some of our needs 2. The new knowledge or skill that we get turns into an „exchange unit“ and for it we shall receive favour, money, fellow feeling or other information in the future relationship with someone else. 3. The cognizance of this principle improves our self-stimulation and thus the study and creation processes are ameliorated and become more pleasant. If we now apply this principle to everything we know and can at the moment, and also to what we shall study, then immediately we shall feel its charm and miraculous power. Whether studying a foreign language, physical exercises or any other form of perfection and healthy way of life will be punishment of delight depends only on us, on our ability to stimulate ourselves.


     It happens to loose or be deprived of things we need a lot, to be hit or hurt ourselves, to suffer, be unsatisfied, frightened, furious. In short, I summon all those as „falling into discomfort“ at it is a result of our continuous interactions with the surrounding world. And it, the world, has no ears to hear our complaints, nor heart to get touched, but is ruled by its cause-effect chains, which make him now , at the moment of our meeting, be exactly what it is. We, the people, possess highly developed and with unique capacities brain and intellect and just they help us become the changing value. As rational beings we should assess the situation and react in the appropriate way, so that our interaction with the world to produce as a result satisfaction and comfort, and not anguish and suffering. We may fall into discomfort due to various reasons, but if we are wise, we shall derive the precious information – for ourselves or for the peculiarities of the surrounding world. There are five basic reason for being into discomfort: 1. Inferiority complex – we exaggerate the problem or the person we deal with, underestimate ourselves, delude ourselves that powers beyond us hinder and orderly suppress us. 2. Insolence – we underestimate the problem or the person we deal with, overestimate ourselves, behave from the position of strength, show impatience, etc. 3. Greediness – we strive for more than is sufficient for us. 4. Ignorance – have some delusions and prejudices in our minds and they prevent us from seeing the rescuing information or we lack knowledge on how to use the existing information. 5. Inadequate wishes – we have associated our deeds and way of life with unhealthy and inappropriate for us wishes, possibly under some foreign influence. The Principle of Discomfort teaches us that we can change the world and make it a better place for living only when we start from ourselves by cleaning „our own garden“. If we want do reduce the number of the hapless, ill and poor people, let us first become happy, healthy and prosperous. After that we can help others achieve the same. Hence, when in discomfort, we work inwards with a discoverer’s spirit, without sense of guilt. We are willing to understand the reasons inside us and clean our souls. And when we are in comfort, then we act outwards with a spirit of collaboration, creative audacity and love.


     This is the basic principle of the system. Man has many wishes, dreams and goals to achieve and at the same time has to survive, because he is not all-powered – sometimes catches a cold, sprains an ankle, gets ulcer and even dies, but the most important – feels pain and suffers. Nevertheless, man is a tenacious creature! True, he is sensible, but just because of that he has intellect, i.e. ability to manage the information and comprehend the essence of the objects and events and hence turn into factor, which changes the reality. At the basis of the WSL lays the assumption that this world is being fashioned by a creative power, which in man is expressed through collaboration, creativity and love. DUONIKA is well grounded in the truth that the most successful path for man passes through collaboration and not struggle and confrontation. The best results may be obtained only from the collaboration with ourselves, with the people, nature and Universe. The LCTA includes the search, find, establishment and stay in the collaboration zones with everything that surrounds us. Particularly, in the relations with the people the LCTA directs our behaviour to total one-level collaboration. In the interrelations people come into the following groups of relationships: 1. Manipulation, exploitation, ruling, support of hierarchy 2. Underestimation and positioning in the place of a victim 3. One-level collaboration Most often people incline towards the first two areas and loose or fabricate drama. The key to get permanently and forever in the zone of one-level collaboration is love for oneself, realization of one’s own uniqueness and dignity for oneself, not in comparison with anyone. The criteria that this has been achieved is the emerging ability to comprehend more and more clearly the uniqueness of the other, without getting nervous or frightened. This is the only way to set the basis for a winning life. It is built through: 1. Understanding 2. Getting rid of the delusions 3. Mercy 4. Love Thus we easily and naturally reach the state of one-level collaboration. In theis foundation cracks, the layers transpose and we fall either in a state of victim or manipulator. Insolence drives us to manipulation and the inferiority complex – to transformation into victims. We, the people, differ by the information we have in our brains. We differ in the matter we are built of. Some have more melanin, others more calcium, etc. Everyone produces and maintains different energy flows and fluctuations, different in colour nuance and size auras. The only thing that links us together and with the surrounding world is the Creative power. Therefore, all of us if not brothers and sisters are at least cousins by creative power. It is our eternal kindred relationship! When we comprehend and realize this fact, then from created we may become creators of our own life and fortune. While we haven’t assimilated and realized that we shall be destroyers. The LCTA provides the possibility for the first choice.


     Now we are living in an made-up story, in a dramatic reality, in a bewitching legend! What is typical for it? The happenings and the relations between people are paradoxical, contradicting and weird. Piles of illogical and even ridiculous things and events exist, but we accept them humbly, because they perfectly match into the context of the legend. This is what our life now look s like – a bad dream, a dream of reason! The awakening is possible for everyone separately and it happens when one realizes the situation in which he is. With the aid of the winning stratema of living we first recognize the delusions we are slaves to, and that nurture the legend. It has to be taken into consideration that we are so accustomed with it, that it has so deeply penetrated our brains, so it is very possible the process of cognizance to be somewhat painful, just like eyes ache when coming into contact with light after a long stay in the darkness of a cave.


     In it happiness is something, which someone is bringing, life is fair and destiny is product of weird sisters or planets. Good and Evil exist, there is everlasting fight and tragedy, there is Cinderella, there are elects of fate, etc. The legend is full of fables.  From our earliest years we are taught that Santa Claus gives presents to the good kids, that happiness comes from somewhere in our life. The idea for fast profits, for magic wands is also an element of the legend. The idea that things may happen very fast makes us postpone to work over ourselves. We lack patience as well as the knowledge that hard work and patience are two different things. I suppose, you remember a dream in which everything was absurd, but during the dreaming you did not get surprised. There, in the dream reality, we do not remember that another reality also exists and we shall go straight into it the moment the dream ends. Now, when we are awake and we remember our dream, we are in a larger reality, but this does not mean that we are in the last size reality. Now we do not remember that beyond, another, much more comprehensive reality exists and just like in the dream we accept the paradoxes, absurd and grotesque happening to us as something that is understood from itself. It is so, because we continue dreaming. Another awakening is required. Some time ago I thought that hapless people were not very clever. But it proved to be not quite right. Can we declare a robot to be stupid or clever? The robot performs only what is programmed in it. Well, for now we are biorobots! And this will continue till we happen to realize the delusions or wrong information models settled in our brains. Till then we will be living in a legend – a false copy of the reality. For a very long time we were travelers – in the womb of our mother, in the pram, and after that, when our parents continued to determine what to do and what not, what to study, how to behave, etc. While we were growing up in our brains settled all kinds of spin yarn, preposterous assertions and we just accepted them without faultfinding as we didn’t have criteria for comparison.

Here are some of the delusions building the legend:

„The world is a unity and struggle of opposites“ „Different things oppose to each other“ „Everything is achieved only through hard work and will“ „It is too good to be true“ „Truth is born in the dispute“ „Anger and fear are useful and necessary“ „Authority instead of truth“ „Matters are either good or bad“ „Man is born bad“ „Incorrect means sinful“ „The way of life determines the consciousness“ „People are hapless because they are poor and ill“ „We are what we possess or do“ „The more you know, more hapless you become“ „Solitude is something bad“ „We are born to suffer“ „Education means intelligence“ „Prodigies are some rare exceptions“ „Quantity is more important than quality“ „Spiritual opposes material“ „Naked human body is shameful“ Egoism is something bad“ „Happiness has to be deserved“ „Money, profit and success interfere spiritual development“ „The true way is only for elects, saints or hermits“ „The ideal partner should know and take care for all our needs and wishes in life“ „When sex between two persons is fascinating like a magic, then for sure there is love between them“ „Work is not pleasure“ „The re is only one best way“ „More discipline means less freedom“ „We work best when we are under pressure“ And a lot of more delusions, dogmas and prejudices rule our brains. Gradually, as time pass, out of these and similar information models the dramatic reality has formed, the legend we live in today. When we were born and grow we pass through the following three phases of development: 1.  Dependence 2.  Independence 3.  Interdependence Many people halt in the first two phases and their journey stops. But we are voyagers and not passengers! When somebody else makes choices for us we are passengers, when we ourselves choose, then we are voyagers. Voyagers in the multi-reality! The third phase – of interdependence, is achieved through cognizance and purposeful transformation. Then man is capable of getting out of the reality-drama and enter into the reality-happy life. And now, you already can choose – be travelers or voyagers. You have the guide in your hands – THE WINNING STRATEMA OF LIVING (WSL).


     Someone has a health problem. He very well understands that if he makes nothing and at the same time people happen to know about his problem, then he will be incriminated to be a stupid martyr. What should he do? Well, very simple – should undertake some actions, as if directed to his healing, but in fact prepare a collection with the heading „This didn’t help too!“. After filling the collection with some tenths of names of doctors, witch doctors and healing systems that did not help him, then, he can relax and, undisturbed by anyone, practice his occupation of a martyr. Now, anyone who tries to advise him how to solve his problem will be parried, confuted and overthrown by the „tenths unsuccessful healing attempts“ in the collection. To put it in other words, the alibi is already fabricated. Why do I say alibi and not just excuse? The word alibi is used in legal practice and is in direct relation with the word crime. People devise alibis when they want to conceal the intention or their share in a crime. In this particular case the crime is assassination of the own body in an extremely cruel and agonizing way. Everyone who leads an unhealthy life, who harms his body with tobacco, alcohol, drugs, overwork, insufficient sleep, traumas, inappropriate food, in fact commits a crime to his own body and life. Those, who recognize this, in order to conceal their own complicity, produce an „iron alibi“ namely with the collection „This didn’t help too!“. Others build a complete „philosophic conception“ with the following more important assertions „The way of life determines the consciousness“, „The economy of the country is wretched“, „Bad people hinder me and put spell on me“, „I have to pay for bad karma“, „Anguish ennobles“, etc., many such pint-size dippers with water from far away for the water-mill that monotonously and deceivingly repeats: „I can’t do anything! The causes are outside of me!“. Maybe you already ask yourself why, when man could live well, be healthy, happy and prosperous, he does not just do it then? Is he that stupid? No, the question here is not exactly about mental ability, but for ignorance and inferiority complex. This is the reason why one does not realize what fantastic powers and creative abilities he possesses.


     The inferiority complex is produced and nurtured by four main sources: 1. The recollection, accumulated with ages in the generic storage, for susceptibility and vulnerability. For a long time man depended on the outer environment, which scared him, unpleasantly surprised and extinguished him and his creations. 2. The strong and vivid recollection for being helpless in our childhood. When we were babies and small kids other people swaddled, fed, bathed us, changed clothes, ordered what to touch and what not, etc. 3. The incompetent parents and teachers, who alleged through our sense of guilt, the impression that we are imperfect, sinful and bad creatures. 4. The instance of death coming to people around us and its incorrect interpretation always suggests that we are susceptible and transitory creatures. And so, we inherit a powerful inferiority complex. All our further deeds are directed to escape or fight with this tedious complex, but most often in the wrong way – to insolence, greediness, fear and disbelief that pleasant things and affluence rightfully belong to us. This complex stays at the basis of our destructive actions. It causes hatred, opposition, rivalry, impatience and haste, intolerance, lust after power and is the reason that urged man to build hierarchy. The inferiority complex is the urge that we always find someone to admire, to worship and adore, but also someone to condemn and place below us in the hierarchy. This complex can make a tragedy out of anything. Whatever system for happy and prosperous life we learn, we just prepare our future misfortune, if we do not first eradicate the inferiority complex. Some of the reasons to accept ourselves with love and respect are the following: · The fact that we are unique, exclusive creatures with this self-feeling, at this moment, on this Earth, in this Universe. Everyone of us has his way, his fortune and uniqueness and there is absolutely no necessity to compare with anyone! · The fact that we do exist, we were born, just we! This was the best that could have happened and exactly it happened. · The fact that a creative power, which styles this world, has expressed itself through us! When we qualify our significance in comparison with others we become insolent. When we are like that, we tend to condemn, to convict, to manipulate, to accuse. When we sway to the inferiority complex we start to accuse ourselves, allow being forced, manipulated and exploited. Thus we engage into a false and cruel hierarchy, where those above tread on us and we tread on the people below us. When we do not lean to the inferiority complex or to insolence, then we are balanced and show understanding for our significance and uniqueness only for ourselves, without comparing to anyone else. Then we accept all people as different, but equal to us. When matters are positioned at one level they spread horizontally. Then we move smoothly, easily and with pleasure. When in the hierarchy we climb vertically at all means, filled with fear and strain not to slip down. When we realize our uniqueness and reach a normal level of self-acceptance, then we start to look on people with curiosity and interest, search for and find their uniqueness, talents and fortes in order to combine them with ours and thus create something else, something more beautiful. We act together, being at one level, hand in hand.


     I follow a reasonable and logic approach – I try to stay very close to the facts, analyze them with free from delusions conscience and to recede from them only through logic issues and conclusions. Precise and clear natural laws exist and knowing them brings happiness and success. Disregarding them causes pain and suffering. For that reason: · true and correct is everything that creates, supports and preserves of life. · Good is that, what makes us healthy and wise · Good is that, what elaborates our talents. · Good is tranquillity and happiness · Good is creativeness, invention and love · We act correctly when we look in ourselves with understanding, mercy and love, when we support and worship life, when we seek means to be competent in our work, to be prosperous, to enrich our knowledge, to be happy, realize our dreams and cooperate with the other people. We act rightly when we first start to clean „our own garden“. Consequently, all those actions or inactions that support life, health, harmony, beauty, joy, pleasure, delight, love, happiness, that lead to knowledge, perfection, tranquillity and enlightenment are the correct actions or inactions. As a criterion I use the reality itself. If what I assert may be applied into practice, if things happen as I have postulated, if the law I have found exists and following it leads to success and desired results, then I am correct in my actions. If this approach helps me understand what happens, keep my good mood, comprehend matters in life more and more broadly, feel content, pleasure, love and happiness, then this is the real right approach. If man has perceived genuine laws and has managed to employ them, then the result would be – solving his problems. I have studied life and perceived that wherever one approaches with a spirit of collaboration, the results are inevitably better. I have analyzed many excellent powerful systems as Aikido, Tai Chi Chuan, Ajurveda, read books on successful conduct of negotiations, went behind the application of these principles for life support and everywhere I faced that creative power. I wondered where my eyes were to see it earlier. And one day I realized that the reason is not in the eyes, but in the mind. It has been blocked for a long time and wrongly directed by the assertion that world is a struggle of opposites. This was fed in our brains through the mechanisms of the mass culture in a period of our life, when we neither had captious thinking, nor basis for comparison and criteria for truthfulness. Delusions of this kind sink in our brains and after that through the so formed distorted vision we observe the reality. It is not at all by accident that people today are ill separated, uncertain, frightened, loathing, greedy, fighting among themselves, bewildered, living in somnolence, maltreating their bodies and souls, committing suicide, blind for beauty, jealous, incapable (with some small exceptions) to experience creative joy, love and happiness. And so, I lean upon several evident truths, freed from prejudices and false dogmas. I arrange them in a refined and pleasant system and apply them practically in my life. There is real effect and I call this Winning Stratema of Living. Everyone can very easily check the power and truthfulness of the WSL. It is only sufficient to imagine he has mastered it and ask himself the following two questions: – If the world is filled up with people like me, would it become a better or a worse place to live? – If all people begin to apply the principles of the WSL, better or a worse would their relations with the others and their whole life become? Now answer yourself those two questions and you will immediately understand whether this system is real and good, whether it is fit for you or not. DUONIKA – The Winning Stratema of Living is: · logically organized · based on real facts and events · showing the wrong information, which blocks us and limit our horizon · giving practical answers to basic philosophical, psychological and human questions. · supplying information for the main natural and Universal laws, the accepting of which makes man more understanding, prospering and happy · providing the understanding and comprehension of this information through realization of the cause-effect relations · practically and immediately applicable · internally logically arranged, without contradictions · facilitating the easy and pleasant entering into the flow of the creative power Our great lord is the life itself! It is our real guru! And life is fashioned by an invisible Creative power and only with an awoken spirit of collaboration contact may be established with it! Great is the Creative power and DUONIKA is its herald.

„Every thing is right if it gives sense and power to your life. Every word, which gives the slightest light to your brain, every emotion, which supplies your heart with warmth, is right. Every act, which give the slightest power to your body, is right. Because thousands of words, feelings and acts will come and pass.“ Peter Dynov


Let us first answer the following questions and we shall immediately know that: – Is there discontent in our life and to what degree? – Is there satisfaction and content and how much? – Which predominates – suffering or joy, pain or pleasure? – What do we think about life as a whole – do we like it, do we want it or not? – Are we capable to solve our problems and how actually we do it? – Can we work out with people for mutual joy and benefit? – Do we achieve our goals and dreams? – A what price? – How good is our health? When we answer in written to these questions, we can approximately assess what is the quality of our living at about the present moment. After that we can estimate what we know and what we do not know about the art of living. Thus, we can make a plan and begin to fill the gaps – in theory and practice. Luckily, the work for the last stage is already finished. You have a complete system for increasing the quality of living – DUONIKA. When two persons have formed a partner pair, its good quality is assessed by the following features: – many inter- satisfactory collaboration zones exist. – problems are divided, not multiplied – no one is carrying the other on his back – everyone is ready to complete the work in „his own garden“ and the surpluses of energy and love he shares with his partner in order to create something new – partnership exists, cooperation , understanding, but not arguments, struggle, outfoxing, etc. – both persons realize the fact they are different, but equally valuable and equitable individualities. What are the criteria according to which we should make a change in and with ourselves: – if the change is useful for us – if it transforms us into creative, loving and constructive people – if it is in conformity with accepted and tested by us winning principles.


    Cognizance comprises the following components – intellectual understanding, agreement with the logic and explanation, perception, visualization, absolute and deep comprehension of the presented information, knowing it, feeling its truthfulness with one’s whole being. When the information sinks without restriction into the sub-conscience, into the body cells, it becomes realized and experienced. Now it is not only in the memory, but has involved all our being and begins to transform it. Figure conscience as a beacon and the sub-conscience as vast dark sea below it. When the beacon emits light, the sea starts to saturate with it. When we keep for a certain period a truth, think over it, try to imagine it, taste it, smell it, feel and hear it, when we perceive it with our reason and contemplate it with our feelings, then the information saturates our whole being and starts modeling it and determining its presentations. DUONIKA improves the quality of thinking and the quality of feeling. This means we work with the two hemispheres of the brain and extensively use them. Reason and feelings are in a constructive combination. We shall learn to apply the principle of collaboration also in the interactions between the two hemispheres. We shall accomplish this with intelligence, wisdom, understanding, awareness and love. There will be no confrontation, internal contradictions and splits. We shall progress towards integrity and unity.

There are 6 complexes of exercises. Each comples has a warming-up sequence, active part and relaxing final. The number of the exercises is more than 500. The first complex is for beginners for play in a hall (or at home as you can see on the photoes below). The second one is for beginners to play in the open (beach, mountain, park, etc.). The third one is for advanced (it is obligatory for the future instructors). The fourth is for parent and child. The fifth and the sixth are for lovers for beginners and advanced respectively. Here we present just a small part of all the exercises. All the exercises are performed very slowly with a feeling for the partner and on slow music background.

What is Chatkalina?

Dance system

The basic movements that everyone has to master are about 50. However, the combinations that two partnering people could make are limitless. The nature and logics of the system make the design of various choreographic compositions on any rhythmic melody very light, no matter if the tempo is slow or fast. The main idea of this unique dance technology is that two persons with coordinated movements of hands and bodies meet each other’s palms, and thanks to the specially designed plates on their palms a typical clacking sound is produced.

The alternation and changing of this sound during the dance may create or follow any rhythm. The sound produced by the plates is indication for the correct performance of the movements and synchronization with the partner. It is true, Chatkalina compositions might appear similar to something known. Nevertheless, the only reason is, human mind is accustomed to relate and describe anything new it encounters, with well known past events, situations or objects.

Anyone who wants to enrich everyday life, will accept this system exactly as something new and different from anything else. Chatkalina is new and unique! It was designed to awaken the joy in human heart and to open one more door to the beauty in life. Together with Duonika, Chatkalina is one more powerful ritual for awakening the spirit of collaboration that guarantees the most successful living. They open new horizons for our body and soul, aimed at collaborative cooperation, creation of music and rhythm. Both systems are the apotheosis ot partnership in all its forms.

The Chatkalina designed compositions may be considered as a kind of a dynamic meditation because, while performing them, thinking has stopped and the conscience is clear and elevated, the two partners are settled „here and now“, exhilarated, flying, truly living, feeling the magical unity between the sounds and their body movements! When the conscience is free of thoughts it is like a cloudless blue sky. At this point man has merged with the flow of the living power and this is called a meditative state.

Martial Art

I remembered about Morihei Ueshiba, who used the trajectories and movements of a Samurai sward while creating the Aikido martial art, and then I realized that the trajectories in Chatkalina are similar to those of many punches and blocks from the martial arts. However, unlike these, Chatkalina produces not pain and skirmish but sound, rhythm, and dance.

In other words, the „confrontation“ between the two people is shifted from the fight and pain in the direction of partnership, art, and beauty. If we consider the martial arts as a large branched tree, then Chatkalina is a wonderful and delicious fruit. No matter how strange it might sound, Chatkalina has very close relationship with the martial arts. It develops all those basic skills and abilities necessary for anyone practicing martial arts. If we go from the statement that the true martial arts master is the one who has perfect control of him/herself, then Chatkalina is exactly such type of an art. The one who masters it would be able to make a wonderful dance with another human being without hurting it. There is no need for victories!

A famous martial arts master say that the best warrior is the one who can transform the enemy into a friend. Hence, Chatkalina is the top martial art where the fist opens and the palm, free from any weapon, invites the partner for a dance. If you are a master in Duonika and Chatkalina, you would not have to avoid fights because you would be constantly transforming the situations from hostile and dangerous into creative and mutually beneficial ones. Consequently you are no more a warrior but a wizard!

Chatkalina inherits everything positive from Duonika and, moreover, has some advantages:

• May be played indoors and outdoors • Does not require a mat • May be performed by two men or women as well as by perfect strangers. • May be performed on different melodies, collages, specially composed dance music, and without any music because it creates rhythm.

What else is Chatkalina?

• Chatkalina is the highest mastering of Duonika! • It is the place where the martial art meets the dance and this rendezvous produces beautiful movements that cause aesthetic bliss and ecstasy, not pain! • Chatkalina is garden where beauty and collaboration bear fruit. • Chatkalina is the magical meeting between two people for mutual benefit and happiness!

Q: – Why Chatkalina? A: – First, because it starts with „chat“ that in Bulgarian is part of the verb „chatkam“ that best describes the sound of the clapping palms with wooden plates attached to them. Second, it contains the consonant „l“ that adds gentleness of the name as in Nelly, Poly, Melissa, Kalina, Lilly, Sally, Malina, Stella, Lena, Lolita… The word „love“ begins with „l“ too. Third, I made the suffix in feminine because, on the first hand, the dances with feminine names seem to be less, and on the second hand, I wanted Duonika to have a sister. Last but not least, I am more biased to that gender. Fourth, Chatkalina is a product of the Creative Power who has expressed herself through my being and She is also in feminine gender and thus this is in a way a form of respect to her. Fifth, again in Bulgarian, „chatkam“ means „understand, grasp“ and this creates an interesting double meaning in some situations of using the verb.

Q: – Why a „dance technology“ and what is it more precisely? A: – The basic movements that everyone has to master are more than fifty but the combinations between the two partners are innumerable. The nature and logics of Chatkalina allow the design of various choreographic combinations on any rhythmic melody regardless of the tempo. Q: – What is the main idea? A: – The main idea is that two people, with coordinated movements of hands and bodies, meet each other�s palms, and thanks to the specially designed plates on their palms a typical clacking sound is produced. The alternation and changing of this sound during the dance may create or follow any rhythm. Q: – The plates used for Chatkalina look similar to the castanets. Does this dance technology have any relation with the step dance or Flamenco? A: – The similarity is only partial and only to the extent that the movements produce sound. It is true, the Chatkalina designed performances might seem familiar. This is only because of that peculiarity of the human mind to describe anything new by relating it to something well known from the past. Are the UFO ships really flying dishes or pipes? The difference is that while playing Chatkalina the two partners are in a wonderful synchrony, coordination and collaboration, and these latter create the rhythm, sound and beauty. Chatkalina is something new and different from anything known up to now. However, if you require any comparison, I’ll provide you with two: Chatkalina is something like a step dance on four hands or Flamenco with palms. The truth is, Chatkalina is only Chatkalina! It is the rhythmic sound of the meeting in space palms, the new horizons for the bodies and mind. It is a technology for inspiration in the partnership and collaboration, for creation of music and rhythm. That is the reason I always say that Chatkalina is something like step dance, something like Flamenco, something like nothing else on Earth! Q: – Is there a connection between Duonika and Chatkalina?

Chatkalina – The sound of palms Chatkalina – Frequently asked questions Chatkalina live demonstrations

„Hold your true friend with both hands.“ – Nigerian saying „It is not possible to shake hands with a clenched fist.“W.G.P. „Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them?“ Abraham Lincoln MASSAGES





„The massage is gift from the Gods and the massagers are their messengers“

When talking we are rational, logical. When touching we are intuitive, emotional. In our childhood we climbed trees, ran barefooted on the grass, gathered shells along the shore, lived in harmony with ourselves, in close connection with the beauty of the moment. But while growing up we more and more tend to apprehend everything first with our mind. The massage helps us come back to our body. Thats why it is recommended to be silent during the massage procedure, close the eyes and let the body feel. The massage may turn into a marvelous voyage, where you will reveal yourself. You will feel again what it means to be calm, to be in harmony with yourself, feel pleasure of your own body, that breathes lightly, stays erect and moves freely. During massage a secret conversation between the bodies of the massager and the patient is established. A conversation that surpasses the conventionalities and artificial norms and heals longago emotional sufferings. In fact this is the first language we learn. In our infantile days the first information flow was coming to us through touch. All of us were being hugged, bathed, powdered, oiled, tickled and padded on the seat. These were days of nonchalance and love, caress and pleasure. When adult the massage is a tolling in our ears of a disregarded but very well known and coveted language of the touch. The massage is both communication and sharing and this is what makes it a miracle, offering delight and relaxation for the body, healing every pain and emotional wreckage, bringing happiness, peacefulness and bliss to the soul.

TRADITIONAL MASSAGE WITH OILS TO THE WHOLE BODY It is performed for about 1 hour applying various techniques to achieve maximal beneficial effect on the patient in several aspects. At body level, the massage calms and tones the muscles, augments blood and lymph circulation, discharges the metabolism waste products, stimulates the skin and hormone secretion, increases hemoglobin and makes the connective tissue of the joints flexible. The massage releases the greater part of the energy consumed up to that moment by the tension and leads to a radical change in the stance and face look. At psychical level, the massage removes the burdensome anxiety and stress, recovers conscience from the damages caused by the mass culture, places faith in ones own power. It enhances self-respect and self-esteem, helps to feel the organism again as a whole entity. With emotional aspect the massage is of primary importance. Usually when its strong healing effect is described, the most significant factor is omitted – the warmth of the human being presence. The invisible phenomenon of wordless communication is established between the massager and the patient. Together with the powerful healing effect it fulfills the intimate human need to take care of somebody and to be taken care of. The Traditional massage is all in one touch, communication and sharing, a magnificent language you can use to tell, and from which you may learn about matters and states, you cant do it by other means! Dont miss this wonderful chance!

ANTI-CELLULITE MASSAGE With its help the cellulite formations are removed from the beautiful woman body. Some techniques of the traditional massage are applied on the problematic zones. Herb balsams created by the famous specialist on cellulite Dr. Ivan Topozov are used. Consultations are available before and after the massage procedures.

SENSUAL ROMAN MASSAGE I also call it „therapy through pleasure“. It produces delight to the body and soul, that can be compared with those from sex. The massage ends with total relaxation which removes all signs of any stress. During the massage you may find such zones on your own body the sensitivity of which you have never suspected to exist before. The Roman massage provides a new sensitive experience and is a thrilling journey through the realm of bliss! Sometimes peacock feathers, pearl laces, various aromas and other helping methods are applied to achieve relaxation and healing through pleasure. The duration is usually 1.5 hours.

HOLISTIC MASSAGE The principles and practice are based on the understanding that human body is a result of the complex balance of mental, physical and spiritual aspects. The holistic massage is one of the best ways to help a person realize how he can help himself. This complete approach bestows health and harmony to the body and soul.

JAPANESE MASSAGE Also called Yumeiho and Eastern God massage. It was created by the Japanese healer Masaiuki Saionji. He compares the human body to a beautiful open Japanese fan. All its sticks are fastened and connected tightly in one foothold at its base and this provides stability and attractiveness of the form. If a shift occurs at this point, it affects all sticks and thus the whole structure of the fan is distorted. For the human body this important basis is the pelvis. This is the reason why any shift in the pelvic region and spine influences the entire constitution and functioning of the organism. This brings various diseases, including psychic deviations. Such shift may be caused by overstrained muscles, due to stress, irrespective of its origin. As a result the flow of the energy along the body meridians is blocked and this impairs its functioning and health. The therapy relieves the problem at its root arranging the vertebras and bones of the entire human body and thus returns the initial flexibility of the muscles. It acts on important acupuncture points, frees the self-healing powers of the organism and restores the structural harmony of the body. Excellent healing effect is achieved for digestion disorders, gastritis, colitis, back and waist pains, lumbago, overstrain, nerves, insomnia, gynecological problems and many other ailments. The massage is done for about one hour on a mat directly on the floor.

TAO MASSAGE The word Tao means simply The Way. It relates to the Great Way of the Universe, but also to the apprehension of the real essence of man. During the millenniums the taoist spiritual masters and sages searching for a way to totally blend with Tao found out that a fundamental power, which fills the whole being and the human body, called Chi, supplies the vital energy. When the even flow of this energy is supported throughout the body, it preserves its strength and health. The taoists designed a massage that achieves this goal through experiencing pleasure, because the sexual energy is set into motion – the most powerful and basic energy of the human body. Namely this energy is after that transformed into the other types of energies, including the spiritual. Through Tao massage the sensitivity, courage, intelligence and self-realization are combined. The immunity and vitality are strengthened, health and physical power are magnified. The sex radiation becomes insurmountable. Old emotional traumas are relieved. A transformation of a creative and spiritual power occurs. Every sequence is performed on a mat on the floor for more than one and a half hours. The lady, who receives Tao massage should remove all clothes, rings and jewels so that the fingers and palms of the massager could reach freely everywhere and easily activate the energy flow. Tao massage may be applied as sex alternative due to the ability to experience orgasm because of the powerful motion and redistribution of the sexual energy. Long time ago Tao massage was only available to the king, some high officials and ladies of the high society. Today it is at hand to anyone, who wants to experience the sensual secrets of the body and acquire health and vitality through pleasure!


It consists of 48 easy to master exercises most of them similar to the techniques of the Japanese massage Iumeiho, designed for self health keeping or healing. This gymnastics was also created by the Japanese healer Masaiuki Saionji. Through regular practice man can himself recover the structural harmony of the body, increase flexibility and encourage the self-healing powers of the organism. If DIINO BIKS is practiced in the morning, sight and work efficiency are improved, in the evening – better recovery sleep is achieved. The regular practice of these magnificent exercises makes man lively, slender and radiant. DIINO BIKS restores the pleasure that one feels of a healthy, flexible and strong body. The gymnastics is particularly suitable for business people who have their time strictly arranged to the second because it may be done for 15 minutes. No special requirements and equipment are necessary. Half of the exercises are easy to make even at ones workplace. Studying the exercises is fast and easy – for about an hour the correct performance is mastered. Thus you quickly obtain a prophylactic healing system that will serve you throughout all your life. Fastest effect on the health condition of the organism is achieved between the Japanese massages sessions one regularly makes the DIINO BIKS exercises at home. REIKI Healing

REIKI is an ancient art for physical, spiritual and psychical healing through receiving living power from the Universe by the hands of trained for the purpose person. During our century the Japanese monk, Doctor Mikao Usui revived this art and began to propagate it. Because of the new level of consciousness man already realizes the necessity of new mild and natural healing methods and REIKI is a supple Natural art, a delicate healing method. The trained in REIKI healer touches certain parts of the patients body and transmits the lively vibrations of the cosmic energy into his/her organism, harmonizes its condition and thus achieves relieve. REIKI consists of two words – REI, which is usually translated as „spirit“, „soul“, „cosmos“ and KI – the guiding living power of the Universe. Thus REIKI from one side is the unity of the soul and spirit and from the other – the all-comprising spiritual and psychic living energy. Here are some of REIKI principles – Just today dont be angry with anything – Just today dont care about anything – Work honestly for your bread – Feel thankful to all living Many diseases evolve due to the unbalanced energy or blockage of its flow in the body. This may be caused by suppressed emotions, negative thoughts, stress, fear, uncertainty, humiliation, anger, hatred, inferiority complex, guilt, lack of love, etc. REIKI clears all blockages, reveals the probable psychological cause of the ailment and eliminates it. It is not necessary that the patient believes in this method. Only his/her willingness and agreement to receive the energy is sufficient.


These five rituals were given to the West by an elderly British officer, who searched for the legendary Tibetan tenement, where monks and Lamas were taught how to slow down the aging process, stop it and even turn it back to rejuvenation. The author of the book „Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth“ Peter Kelder met the British officer four years before and four years after him finding the „fountain of youth“. He was amazed by the positive change in the officer. Before he looked old and feeble and after several year practice of the rituals he was transformed into a quite younger man with strong constitution. Alike many other series of exercises that evolved from a more spiritual understanding of our capacities, the Tibetan rituals for rejuvenation are suited for every seven types of body constitution and psychics and for all ages. The five rituals stimulate the „Chakras“ and the corresponding nerve plexuses and glands. Bringing into equilibrium the psychic energies of the mind and body they strengthen the immune system, maintain perfect nerve conductivity, balance the hormone climate. They tone and stretch the main muscle groups and mold a strong and subtle body. Twenty one repetitions are enough to achieve the desired energizing effect. The exercises are ideal way to overcome morning bad disposition and it is advisable to be performed before meditation. Thus they bring high spirits and aid spiritual practice. CONSULTATIONS BY A CONFIDENTIAL ADVISER

To overcome psycho-emotional traumas, cope with the past, find the fortes of the personality, form straightforward plans for achieving your aims and dreams. Overcoming the damages of the Mass Culture on psyche and soul. Disclosing artificially implemented harmful information schemes, prejudices and dogmas that slyly manipulate man and showing the way to get rid of them. Mastering eight powerful principles that help you evade the pain and drama and get close to joy and happiness. They spare time and money, improve your relations with the other people, develop your abilities and intellect and as a total increase the quality of living. These superprinciples are: 1. THE GLOBAL CAUSE-EFFECT PRINCIPLE 2. THE PRINCIPLE OF THE INFORMATION SUFFICIENCY 3. THE PRINCIPLE OF THE UNDERSTANDING 4. THE PRINCIPLE OF THE SILK THREAD 5. THE PRINCIPLE OF THE DOUBLE GAIN 6. THE PRINCIPLE OF THE DISCOMFORT 7. THE PRINCIPLE OF THE POSITIVE THINKING 8. THE PRINCIPLE OF THE CREATIVE THINKING AND ACTION PROBLEM SOLVING

Creative solving of business and personal problems as well as such, related with self-refinement and development. Organization and guiding groups for creative and unorthodox problem solving and generating of new ideas Listening to the patient, formulating the problem, understanding and designing a precise approach to get rid of the unwanted situation.